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Move all your news distractions to one day a week // The weekly RSS reader service


  • Do you open the same news pages again and again hoping to find something new?
  • Do you feel bogged down and distracted by all the bad things going on in the world?
  • How much time would you save if instead of being bogged down every few hours when reading or being reminded of the news, you could stack all your news consumption to one day a week?
aims to solve these problems

How it works

  • Subscribe to news sources that distract you the most but you don't want to miss completely
  • Don’t visit these sites the entire week - no need to fear of missing out on something, because WeeklifyNews is collecting new articles from your sites in the background
  • Once a week, WeeklifyNews releases new collections for each of your subscribed sites with all articles these sites have posted in the week

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  • WeeklifyNews is an experimental new service. Will weekly collected news really improve your quality of life? We don't know, but we've created WeeklifyNews as an experiment to test it!
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